(LAS VEGAS, KXNT)–The Southern Nevada Health District said Wednesday it has recorded 22 influenza deaths in the county this season, and warns that last year’s flu season stretched beyond March, normally a time when flu subsides.

The Southern Nevada Health District says they have seen 474 confirmed cases of flu this season in the Valley. 248 people were hospitalized. Dr. Linh Nguyen of the District says that 22 people have died, four more than a previous count last month.

She said the flu season in 2013 lasted longer than normal and this year’s flu may very well fit the same pattern. Normally the flu begins to subside in March, but last year it extended into June.

The number of flu cases and fatalities is also higher this year than in 2013, perhaps because the most prevalent strain is H1N1, the same strain that caused big problems in the 2009 outbreak.

Its not too late to get a flu shot, say experts, and the vaccine helps combat all four of the most common flu strains that have been seen this season.


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