PROVO, Utah (CBS Las Vegas)  — A Brigham Young University (BYU) student awoke from a coma after her family sang hymns at her bedside.

Last week Lexi Hansen suffered critical head injuries after being hit by a car just outside of campus boundaries and was in a coma for several days, Deseret News reported.

“When they brought her in, the doctors gave her less than a 5 percent chance of survival,” Doug Hansen, Lexi’s father, said. “They told us to call our family and get them here quickly because she wasn’t going to last too long.”

On Sunday her family sang hymns around her and she began to come out of the coma.  The 18-year-old is alert and breathing on her own.  Her family believes they witnessed a miracle.

“We had the most amazing experience today at the end of everyone’s fast,” the family wrote on the Pray for Lexi Facebook Page. “Lexi opened her eyes and kept them open for nearly an hour while we sang hymns to her as a family. While we were singing, she hand signed, ‘I love you,’ moving her arm around so that everyone could see. She then reached for each person’s hands individually so she could squeeze them. We could hardly sing due to the tears streaming down our face. We knew we were witnessing a miracle.”

Her mother, Marcia Hansen, explained that her daughter is a fighter  and is improving every day.

“Every single day is a miracle, every single day,” Marcia Hansen said. “It was a zero percent when she was found, then 1 percent the next day. Now there are still a few things that we are not sure of, but almost everything is just positive.”

Lexi, a communications major, is now starting speech and physical therapy.

“Every doctor and nurse that comes in there, and therapist and whatever, they are just like, ‘You know this isn’t supposed to happen. You know we are calling her the miracle girl, right?’” Marcia Hansen said.

Her parents believe that her remarkable recovery is a miracle.

“We know it’s because of God,” Marcia Hansen said. “We know he’s a God of miracles. And the prayers and faiths everybody that have been praying for her. That’s the only reason she is where she’s at.”

Her mother shared that it has always been Lexi’s dream to become a motivational speaker.

“Two weeks ago, she said to me, ‘You know, Mom, to be a motivational speaker, everybody has been in some big accident or something.’ Yesterday I reminded her of that.”


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