(LAS VEGAS, KXNT)–Residents in North Las Vegas have organized in opposition to a proposed power plant that would burn waste items in order to generate power for thousands of homes.

Christine Lenert tells KXNT her group, Citizens NLV United, consists of 300 residents who oppose using a now-vacant warehouse on East Lone Mountain Road to generate power because its an un-tested technology with a potentially harmful health and environmental downside.

“I dont think this is a good idea. I dont think we should be having this so close to where 2,000 school children will be going to school there. My home is less than a half mile from this proposed location. We do not want it here”, said Linert.

She says the group is concerned about the safety of the plant, its location, and its applicant, Enviropower, which she says has never operated such a plant and has been turned down in India and Argentina when it tried to build in those countries.

She says the emissions from the plant would include dioxin, a highly toxic pollutant that has long-term health effects.

The firm says it would burn construction waste–about 1,000 tons a day–and could eventually power 50,000 homes. The plant would require construction of twin 65-foot smoke stacks on the site. The firm promises to create about 300 jobs. The project would cost anestimated $108 million.

North Las Vegas has OK’d blueprints for the project, but it additional approval cannot come before a meeting March 19th. Linert says there is a town hall gathering March 12th for the company, proponents and opponents to gather to debate the project.


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