Attorney General Catherine Cortez-Masto Publicizes Complaint Website

( Las Vegas, NV ) –  The Nevada Attorney General wants more people to know about a website they can visit if they’re being hassled by debt collectors.

Catherine Cortez-Masto tells KXNT there are rules they’re supposed to follow. including not calling people at work if those workers aren’t supposed to get those types of calls on the job.

Masto says the Federal government’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau wants to hear both the bad and the good about your debt collection experiences.

She urges you to visit the site by clicking here.

The CFPB, in partnership with the Cornell eRulemaking Initiative, began taking comments through the website Regulation Room in November.

The Regulation Room provides visitors with a summary of the CFPB’s prompted questions on debt collection practices and a forum with which visitors can share their personal experiences and suggestions for changes to current federal law.


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