(Las Vegas, KXNT)- Nevada’s only 5-star outdoor shooting facility is getting some extra attention.  A new outreach campaign has been rolled out to try to bring in new business to the struggling facility.

Back in November 2013, county commissioners expressed concern after, once again, hearing the shooting complex was operating in the red.  They asked for a concerted effort to get the word out to the public.  Commissioner Tom Collins, who represents the district that houses the facility, says this marketing campaign is about 3 years late.

“Part of the obligation of the county wasn’t only to build it but also to promote it and advertise it and that has not been done to any level or extent since it opened, until recently.  The rest has been kind of a hodgepodge hit and miss, ” stated Collins.

The new outreach campaign incorporates a number of strategies.  Twelve billboards will now pop up throughout the valley.  Public Service Announcements have also been secured to air at McCarran Int’l Airport, including the taxi line in hopes of catching the attention of incoming tourists.  Advertisements have been taken out in 3 major trade magazines, and the shooting complex will now send out an e-newsletter, updating visitors on upcoming events at the facility.

“It will have articles about past and upcoming events, a calendar listing and of course the big tournaments and championships where people can come out and watch the professionals do their thing, ” state Gina Olivares, Clark County Prinicpal Management Analyst.

Olivares says the county did everything possible to save money during this marketing campaign.  Instead of hiring an outside company to come in and design a new logo and create billboards, county employees took on the challenge.  Olivares estimates the total cost to run the billboards for one month is $15,000.  She did not say how much the advertising cost is for the trade magazines.

Commissioner Collins also adds the numbers are already improving month to month.  He’s hopeful this new outreach campaign is the push the facility needs to start operating in the black.


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