(Las Vegas, KXNT)-After being separated from her only child for several years, Edith Fawkes is finally enjoying the feeling of waking up under the same roof as her son.  Their recent reunion was the highlight of a news conference held by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

At the age of 12,  Brahyam was permanently barred from the U-S after authorities say he falsely claimed he was a U-S citizen.  Fawkes stayed in the U-S, while her son was forced to stay in Mexico.

“I haven’t been able to wake up and see his eyes and make breakfast…take him to school.  It was the worst thing a mother could go through, ” explained Fawkes.

After seeking help from different attorneys, Fawkes turned to Sen. Reid’s office.  According to the Senator’s office, he worked with immigration authorities and state officials to change a provision in the law.  Now, any statements made by minors cannot be held against them when adjusting their immigration status.  Reid said the administration changed its immigration policy dealing with minors late last year.  Brahyam, now 17,  was able to come to Las Vegas last week. He says this case is just one of thousands out there and is just one reason why comprehensive immigration reform is needed.

“The vast majority of people are for it.  Democrats, Republicans, Independents…almost everyone agrees we need immigration reform.  In fact, the only Republicans against it are the Republicans in Congress,” stated Reid.

For Fawkes, having her son by her side is a dream come true.

“I’m just so overwhelmed, ” she stated with a smile on her face.  ” I am now a full-time mom and I am so grateful”

Fawkes became a U-S citizen last week, which means her son is now a U.S citizen.


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