(Las Vegas, NV) — Valentine’s week can also be a good time to spring clean! That’s what the Goodwill of Southern Nevada is hoping, anyway. They want you to donate all the stuff an ex-boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse left at your place after you broke up.

In other words, take your ill will, and turn into good will. Goodwill’s Kathy Topp says this donation drive has been successful in the past. It’s a reminder that they need donations year round. You can donate items that remind you of your ex, things they left behind, or even gifts that you don’t want anymore. It all goes to Goodwill stores and goes up for sale. This helps the job placement program. Last year, they helped 2000 people with job placement.

Plus, every donor will receive a donation receipt and the resulting tax write-off. (You could call it the ultimate revenge.)

Check out www.DumpYourX.org to find a donation center near you.


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