HENDERSON, Nev. (KXNT) — Southern Nevada health officials say 14 people from Coronado High School have tested positive for tuberculosis.  All of them are considered latent tuberculosis, meaning those with the illness do not have symptoms and are not contagious.

The Southern Nevada Health District initially tested approximately 300 students, faculty and staff from the high school several months ago.  Chief Health Officer Dr. Joe Iser says the latest findings stem from the second round of testing.

“The 14 people who tested positive on this round actually tested negative in the first round of testing.  That is a clear indication to us that they were exposed to the initial person from the high school who was carrying the illness, ” Dr. Iser explains.

Although all 14 cases were in the latent form of the respiratory illness, the disease could become active later.  In an effort to prevent that from happening, the health district says they will treat all 14 cases.

Dr. Iser would not give specifics on who tested positive for the illness, but says the victims are in all categories…students, teachers and faculty.

Two others tested positive for the illness during the initial round of testing, but the health district believes their exposure happened elsewhere.

” I just want to remind everyone that we are not a low-risk community.  We have millions of visitors that come to our area from all over the country…all over the world,” says Dr. Iser.  “We never know what they could be bringing with them.”


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