(Las Vegas, KXNT)-What started out as a bleak outlook for non-profit Safe Faith United could soon have a happy ending.  The local non-profit, dedicated to helping victims and survivors of domestic violence,  was on the verge of closing its doors, but their executive director Rebeca Ferreira had a life-saving and non-profit saving idea.

She started RFCleaning Solutions, a local cleaning company that will primarily employ domestic violence victims.  The women and men hired will receive free training and will be sent out on cleaning jobs, while being compensated $9.00 an hour.  Ten percent of the profits from the business would then go back to Safe Faith United, to help their domestic violence cause.

While it seems like a win-win situation, Ferreira says it’s more about saving lives.

“Many of these women go back to their abusers because they can’t provide for themselves and their kids, ” explains Ferreira.  “The abuser will start talking to them to convince them to come home.  If they do go back, the domestic violence just continues and many times results in death.  This business will give victims the chance to earn money for themselves…so they don’t need to go back to a dangerous situation.”

Employees will be given four weeks of free training for RFCleaning Solutions.  While the company plans to clean commercial and residential properties, Ferreira says their long-term goal is far bigger.

“We want to eventually contract with the casinos, ” says Ferreira.  “When they are looking for housekeepers, we want them to come to us for employees so our victims can move into better positions.”


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