(LAS VEGAS, KXNT)–An independent candidate for congress in Nevada’s Third Congressional District has a novel idea he hopes will restore democracy, increase constituent participation in government, and reduce outside influences on the political system.

In fact, its the focal point of his campaign.

Steven St. John proposes assigning a pin number to every  registered voter in the District. When important legislation is up for a vote in Congress, he says, a brief video will be posted for constituents to view. After voters cast their preference for or against the legislation, St. John says he will vote as his constituents wish.

There is a catch. St. John says 51% of the registered voters in the district would have to log an opinion before he will pass along their wishes in the form of his own vote on the legislation in Washington.

The Third District consists of over 700,000 people; assuming a little over half are eligible to vote, and most of them are registered, hundreds of thousands may have to register their opinion through a pin number before St. John would be obligated to their wishes.

Nonetheless, the pin number idea is a focal point of St. John’s campaign. The retired advertising man has recently moved to the Valley, residing in Henderson.


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