LONDON (CBS Las Vegas) – Google has been promoting its latest piece of hardware, Google Glass, as the latest, must-have, sexy tech product.

Now a software company wants to take the sexiness one step farther.

“Sex With Glass” (NSFW) promises to enhance your sex life by watching and recording everything you and your partner do in bed (and maybe a few other places).

The app’s creators promise absolute privacy and promise any video is permanently deleted after five hours.

But the more interesting twist is that it would allow you to see what your partner sees, and vice versa, during the experience.

London’s Wearable Tech Hackathon says this feature will give you and your partner a unique perspective and help you achieve a more creative love life.

The app’s makers say it will also offer on demand suggestions for music choices and even different sexual positions.

“Sex with Glass” is still in development and the company says it will offer a free version for the iPhone.

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