(Las Vegas, KXNT)-Las Vegas law enforcement, with the help of business and community leaders, are facing a big challenge.   The members of the Southern Nevada Traffic Safety Committee are trying to figure out how to bring down the number of traffic fatalities the valley is experiencing.

In 2013, Metro dealt with 114 fatalities on the roads, with the majority of those involving pedestrians and motorcycles.

“The number is just too high, ” said Metro Traffic Lt. David Jacoby.

The committee is tasked with coming up with prevention ideas.  Though they can’t control drivers who get behind the wheel drunk or people who choose to text and drive, Lt. Jacoboy says they can keep on spreading the safety message.

” We would like to start handing out safety fliers at high-problem intersections, whether it be to motorcyclists, bicyclists, pedestrians or just regular drivers,” said Jacboy.

Jacoby says they also want to be more involved with vigil responses.  For example, when the community holds a vigil for a loved one who has been killed in a traffic accident, they would like to be present to hand out safety fliers to those in attendance.  Jacboy calls it the “multiplying effect.”

Other suggestions are to come up with a new name for the SNTSC, changing it to something more recognizable by the community.  A “Buckle Up”  traffic  safety song has also been created by a local musician that can possibly be used in future traffic safety promotions.

During the committee meeting, Lt. Jacoby mentioned the number of DUI arrests went down in 2013.   He says new rules for blood draws and fewer officers on the streets makes it harder for them to keep up with enforcement.

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