PROVO, Utah (CBS Las Vegas) – Julia Navarro, 58, is pregnant – with her granddaughter, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

Navarro is acting as a surrogate for her daughter and son-in-law.

“As a family, we have to help each other,” Navarro told the Tribune.

The first-time grandmother says she is doing this for her daughter, Lorena McKinnon. “I was praying, If this baby works, I am going to help others,” Navarro told the paper. “I would like to donate some of the money from my baby shower to children in Peru who don’t have parents or moms or dads who need help.”

McKinnon has been pregnant before but has suffered a dozen miscarriages. She told the Tribune that “doctors were mystified by the failures.

McKinnon and her husband went to see fertility specialist to try in vitro and that also did not work.

She was left with two options: adoption or surrogacy.

McKinnon’s first option was her 27-year-old sister Julissa Gonzales, who had second thoughts and could not go through with it. “Not having any children of my own and starting to feel baby hungry, I didn’t feel strong enough to go through the wonderful experience of being pregnant and knowing that at the end of it all, this beautiful creature would not be mine to keep,” Gonzales wrote in an email obtained by the Salt Lake Tribune. “I talked to my sister about it and she was so great. She had never thought of asking me for this same reason. She know I had good intentions but she wouldn’t let me do it.”

That is when Navarro volunteered.

Because Navarro was menopausal she had to receive injections every day for three months. “My bum was bruised and bleeding,” she said.

Due to her age, doctors said Navarro had about a 45 percent chance to get pregnant. Doctors implanted the embryo and it started to grow.

“There is not one person we have told about this that hasn’t gotten teary-eyed or fully shed a few tears,” Gonzales added. “I hope one day I can have a long so strong like the one my mom has for Lorena and me. The day I get it, I’m sure will be the day I become a mother because now I’m certain that there is no bigger love than a mother’s love.”

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