Keisha Weiford, MS, MFT, has taken a proactive approach to becoming part of the solution to the growing trend of divorce after first taking a detour in her own career.

(Photo Courtesy of Keisha Weiford, MS, MFT)

(Photo Courtesy of Keisha Weiford, MS, MFT)

Weiford first obtained her Bachelor’s in International Business and then switched career paths, obtaining her Master’s in Counseling and Psychology while specializing in family and marriage therapy.

“I really loved the business world but I recognized when I started working in that field that it wasn’t my calling,” Weiford stated. “I then realized I was studying relationships and that is what I needed to be doing. So I started to pursue my goals.”

Along with her private practice, she is the founder and director of Family Solutions Inc., a nonprofit organization to help children cope with divorce.

“We provide educational seminars for parents getting a divorce with children under the age of 18 to guide them and help their children get through the process of divorce,” Weiford explained.

According to Census analysis, Las Vegas exceeds both the number of marriages and divorces than the national average, which is estimated to be 60 percent for first marriages. Weiford believes with counseling and guidance, children of divorce and their parents can still live in harmony. Trained and educated professionals are needed to counsel people in distress during this vulnerable time.

“I would recommend my field if you want to help. Our field needs people from different backgrounds and perspectives to help others make a better life for themselves.”

In the field more than 15 years and with her own private practice for 11 years, Weiford believes that education gives freedom of choice and opportunities. “If you really want to work in this field, then go back to school and get the credentialing.”

Weiford also entered the field since she is a child of divorce herself. “It was a sad time in my life. My parents always struggled with their personal relationship even though they loved each other.” However, her parents taught her by example with her mother also obtaining two masters degrees.

Debbie Hall is practically a Las Vegas native (34 years and counting) and loves experiencing everything in Southern Nevada from the Las Vegas Strip to the surrounding mountains and Lake Mead. She also teaches at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and loves sharing her knowledge. Her work can be found on


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