(Las Vegas, NV) — Saturday, November 23rd is National Survivors of Suicide Day. A date designated by Congress for the friends and family of those who have died by suicide to join together for healing and support. The resolution was proposed by Senator Harry Reid, who is a survivor of his father’s suicide.

Las Vegas comedian, James Bean, was on the brink of suicide at one point in this life. James Bean says he was embarrassed that he was depressed and thought about suicide. He was going through a bad divorce, and his father had recently pass away. Bean wrote a book about his journey back from depression. It’s called WHEN THE HUMOR IS GONE. He says friends are important, but seeking therapy is key.

In recent years, Las Vegas has been 3 times above the national average when it comes to the suicide rate. Bean says, “I hope that my book will encourage people who are struggling with depression to seek help, and also be cathartic for suicide survivors who are simultaneously coping with loss, and left with so many unanswered questions and feelings of guilt.”


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