Fell Out Of A Pick-Up Truck In Northeast Valley

( Las Vegas, NV ) – UPDATE:  A stick used to measure radiation, which fell off a truck in the northeast valley earlier this week, has been recovered.

Here is the original story:

It’s called a “nuclear density gauge” and it does contain some radioactivity from measuring the density and moisture content of soil and construction materials. Metro Police spokesman Larry Hadfield says that when used properly the sticks pose only a minimal risk, but that tinkering with it could be dangerous.

The device is described as an orange plastic box measuring 14 inches by 9 inches with an electronic keypad display and a metal probe. It weighs 31 pounds and has a handle that extends 22 inches above the base. It is labeled RADIOACTIVE.

It was last seen around Charleston and Lamb. Hadfield says it fell out of a pick-up truck that was driving through the area.

The device was found Friday morning and returned to GeoTek, the company which owns it.  No further details were immediately available.


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