(LAS VEGAS, KXNT)–A man who police say fell asleep while he was watching his two year old daughter who wandered away and drowned in a swimming pool has been charged with child neglect and endangerment.

Police reports indicate the tragedy occurred as Frank Vidal’s girlfriend was away at work and Vidal was supposed to be watching over 2 year old Khloe Vidal. The door at the residence on Morning Cove Court was unlocked. The child was found later face down in a swimming pool four doors away.  Khloe was pronounced dead later after efforts to revive her at a hospital failed.

The incident happened two weeks ago.

Vidal, 26, told police he had been sleeping much of the day. He said his girlfriend had gone to work earlier in the morning. She did not return until late in the afternoon, and police were not alerted to begin a search until at least 6:30p that evening.

The girlfriend says she returned home to find Vidal ‘nodded off’. Friends who babysat the child until a few months ago told police they believed Vidal was a drug user who abused his girlfriend and was not a mindful parent. One told officers of considering calling child authorities several times.


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