LAS VEGAS (CBS Las Vegas) – A company is planning on allowing people to ride higher than 98,000 feet above Earth’s atmosphere in a specially designed balloon for $75,000 a person.

The company named World View Enterprises is going to use a huge helium balloon to carry a capsule holding up to eight people into “near space” where they can see the planet like never before.  Travelers won’t be exactly in outer space, but to the “edge of space” as promoted on World View’s website.  Because of that, the passengers won’t require pressure suits, but instead can wear regular clothing inside of the capsule.

The “near space” excursion allows passengers to soar above Earth for about two hours cruising at the highest altitude.

According to CNET, the FAA evaluated the project and “designated World View’s approach as a commercial space flight.”  The Paragon Space Development Corporation will need to make sure that the capsule carrying passengers is “space qualified” for protecting them at the altitude at which it’s intended to fly.

CNET also notes that the FAA won’t exactly designate what “outer space” truly means. “The FAA will not address the more difficult question of whether Paragon’s proposed altitude of 30 kilometers constitutes outer space,” CNET explained from a statement received by the agency.

A timeline has not been announced as to when the first flight will occur.


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