PROVO, Utah (CBS Las Vegas) – A team of researchers at the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University have learned that pictures of food on social media sites tend to curb the appetites of those who view them.

Jeff Larson and Ryan Elder, the co-authors of the study, asked 232 people to rate pictures of food online, United Press International is reporting. The types of food were reportedly organized by whether they were sweet or salty.

After looking at the pictures, each participant was asked to consume salted peanuts.

Researchers found that those who had looked at pictures of salty foods before eating the peanuts enjoyed them less than those who had looked at sweeter foods. They feel that looking at certain types of food will make the experience of eating them after ultimately less enjoyable, UPI learned.

The study was said to have been published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology.


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