"Badge On Board" Program Targets Numerous Violations

( Las Vegas, NV ) – That big-rig truck you’re sharing the road with might have an extra set of eyes on board.

It’s the Nevada Highway Patrol’s “Badge On Board” program, where they’re specifically looking for drivers not giving 18-wheelers the respect – and the room – they deserve.

Troopers say many people think the extra room the tractor-trailers leave  in front of them is an invitation to cut-in when in reality that can be big trouble for everyone.

Spokesman Loy Hixson of the NHP tells KXNT that car drivers should think twice about interfering with trucks weighing upwards of 80,000 pounds when passenger vehicles are less than 10% of that. And Hixson says Troopers will also be keeping an eye out for other violations from their view high above the rest of the traffic. That includes people using cell phones, especially those texting while driving.



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