(LAS VEGAS, KXNT)–The Clark County School District, the nation’s 5th largest, covering nearly 8,000 square miles, says 313,000 students are enrolled in classes for the 2013-14 school year, and continues to be plagued by overcrowding problems.
The figure represents a record high enrollment for the district.
The district says elementary schools are 14% overcrowded and school trustees will be addressing options in the coming months, including the possibility of re-zoning boundaries and putting more schools on a year-round calendar.
Three schools went to a year-round calendar this year, but Board President Carolyn Edwards recently told KXNT that more than 60 schools meet at least two of the criteria for consideration to become year-round schools. Final decisions are not expected until at least December. Other options include more portable classrooms and more school construction, but a tax increase proposal to build more schools was soundly defeated at the polls in November 2012.
The new enrollment figures come barely a week before an offical Count Day, in which school districts are required to submit official enrollment numbers to the state of Nevada. The preliminary enrollment numbers determine how and where state education money is spent.
In a statement, the Clark County School District quoted Superintendent Pat Skorkowski: “The latest enrollment numbers are a testament to the urgency of that conversation and the importance of exploring multiple options to meet the challenges of a growing student population. The fact remains that our enrollment numbers are expected to climb even higher and only by working together, as a community, can we can reach solutions that are in the best interest of our students and families.”
The enrollment figure of 313,000 reflects a growth of 82,000 students in the past decade.

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