(LAS VEGAS, NV., KXNT)–He didnt want one, but David Brutsche has been assigned a lawyer as he faces charges that he and an accomplice plotted the abduction of Metro police officers.

Brutsche is a member of the so-called Sovereign Citizens, an extremist group listed as a domestic terrorist organization. The group does not recognize many laws, courts, or official documents. Brutsche and Devon Newman are accused of plotting to kidnap Metro police officers. But in an appearance in court Monday, some of the more serious charges facing him–conspiracy to commit murder and first-degree kidnapping–were dropped from the police complaint.

Brutsche is set for a late September preliminary hearing. He is also scheduled for an appearance on unrelated charges of failing to register as a sex offender later this week.

Brutsche told the court he did not want to have a lawyer appointed to represent him, nor did he intend to represent himself in court. A public defender was assisgned as his counsel.


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