(LAS VEGAS, NV. KXNT)–The federal Department of Justice has awarded Nevada $6 million dollars for compensation for victims of crime and assistance programs. The awards go to the State Departments of Health and Human Services and Administration to provide support and services to thousands of victims of crime.

A statement from U.S. Attorney Daniel Bogden’s office says “Since the Crime Victims Fund was established in 1986, crime victims across Nevada have received services and economic assistance totaling over $80 million. The United States Attorney’s Office is pleased to support both the collection efforts for the Crime Victims Fund, which provides these program dollars, and the allocation of these resources to help Nevada’s crime victims.”

“Funds are competitively awarded by the State to local community-based organizations that provide direct services to crime victims. Funding is provided to domestic violence shelters, rape crisis centers, child abuse victims programs and other initiatives that provide counseling, advocacy or emergency transportation to victims.  Nevada can also use these funds for sexual assault programs or victim service units in law enforcement agencies, prosecutors’ offices and social service agencies.”

“Nevada’s compensation program receives annual grants equal to 60 percent of its total payout to crime victims in a previous year.  Compensation programs work similarly to private insurance, providing reimbursement to, or on behalf of, crime victims for expenses such as medical costs, mental health counseling, funeral and burial costs, and lost wages, as a result of being a crime victim.”


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