(Las Vegas, NV) School is in session on the campus of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, but some students are about to make the road their home.

The Solar Decathlon in Irvine, California is a competition with the goal of educating the public about energy-saving residential designs. 20 teams will design, build and maintain sustainable solar-powered houses. “Team Las Vegas” will have to meet all building codes and standards as any other construction projects as well as many other restrictions.

UNLV students have spent two years preparing Desert Sol as part of the Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon. They will disassemble the home and truck it to California on September 20th for judging in October.

Below are some of the goals of the project.

•No emission of green house gasses
•Infinite energy for free (after initial costs)
•Living off of the grid
•Protecting the eco-system
•Low maintenance
•Renewable Energy
•Power electrical units (appliances, pools, water heaters, indoor/outdoor lights)
•Create more energy than you actually use for your home

After the competition the home will return to Las Vegas and permanently be stationed at Springs Preserve.

To learn more about the project visit any of the links below.






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