Las Vegas CBS KXNT- Clark County’s old courthouse in downtown Las Vegas is on the auction block.

If you’re in the market for a mid-century office building with seven stories, a parking garage, and a footprint the size of a city block, the county is accepting written bids of $10 million or more. The building does appraise at the asking price, county property manager Jerry Stueve told KXNT. Although the appraisal also suggests it should be torn down.

That will be the prerogotive of the new owner, Stueve said. Clark County doesn’t have the money to demolish the building.

Several parties have approached Clark County about buying the courthouse, and some have approached the city of Las Vegas, which owns a one-third stake in the property. Stueve would not comment on the kind of businesses that have expressed interest, but said the parcel is zoned for commercial and tourist use.

The courthouse was built in 1960 and served as the justice center until the new Regional Justice Center was built. The old building was boarded up when the courts abandoned it for the new RJC in 2005, and has remained empty.

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