(Las Vegas,NV) As the kids get ready to start school again drivers will have to ramp up their responsibility while in school zones.

A multijurisdictional effort by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept., North Las Vegas P.D., Henderson P.D. and the Clark County School District P.D. will focus on drivers not obeying the speed limit in and around school zones.

The speed limit varies from 15-25 depending on what type of roadway the school is next to and the barriers that separate the school and the road. But the posted speed limit can change according to Tim Bedwell with the North Las Vegas Police Dept.

“The things that are most important are what kind of roadway is it and what kind of barriers the school has around it, such as fences or walls,” Bedwell says.

The real heart-stopper is the cost. Bedwell told KXNT that the fine for speeding in a school zone in North Las Vegas can range from $375-$800.

“Look for the school zones, be aware of them and follow the speed limit as it is posted. 15 m.p.h. school zones are those streets adjacent to the schools. 25 m.p.h. school zones are typically reserved for those streets where there are school crossing zones where kids have a tendency to walk to and from school,” says LVMPD Sgt. Todd Raybuck.

Raybuck warned that fines start at $200 and are usually double in school zones.


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