Las Vegas CBS KXNT- The city of Henderson has released the names of three police officers who shot and killed an armed 63-year-old man earlier this week. Officers Achim Brunette, Jason Dunn, and Travis Nusbaum shot Edward Scheboth after he opened fire an another officer who was sitting in her patrol car, and then turned his weapon on them when they responded to a radio call for backup.

The officers are now on paid leave, while Henderson conducts an investigation into the incident.

Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson told KNXT he’s assigned three staff attorneys to the investigation, which he expects will take at least six weeks. The district attorney’s office will review the facts and make an initial determination about whether the officers acted lawfully when they fired on Schboth.

If the shooting was lawful, there will be a police fatality review hearing, conducted in public, Wolfson said.

Henderson police said they found more than 150 handguns, shotguns, and rifles in Scheboth’s house when they searched it after the shooting.


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