(LAS VEGAS, KXNT)–The publisher of the Las Vegas Sun has gone to federal court to stop an agreement that he says would end the paper’s long-standing joint partnership with the Las Vegas Review-Journal and turn the city into ‘a one newspaper town’.

Brian Greenspun, the son of the Sun’s founder, is fighting an agreement of understanding between the Review Journal and some Sun investors that would effectively end the Joint Operating Agreement established over twenty years ago, which is the business framework for both newspapers to operate.

“He’s attempting to prevent the consummation of that agreement because it would create a monopoly, and is illegal under federal law”, his attorney, Leif Reid, told KXNT in an interview.

Reid says “the result of the agreement would be anti-competitive, it would result in there being only one newspaper in town, and that’s whats illegal about it.”

The Joint Operating Agreement, a commonplace business arrangement devised in a number of U.S. cities to prevent a community from becoming a one-newspaper town, exists in Las Vegas. The agreement began in 1990 and was scheduled to last for 50 years.

In filing for an injunction in federal court to stop the agreement between Sun investors and the R.J.’s ownership, Reid cites a Hawaii case in which a similar attempt to thwart or abrogate a Joint Operating Agreement was denied.


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