(LAS VEGAS, KXNT)–The man killed in a carjacking at the Flamingo Hotel valet over the weekend is a California Highway Patrolman. Another man with him at the time was critically injured in the incident.

Police say 29 year old James Montgomery jumped in the vehicle and took off. James Cruz was in the truck bed at the time, and 33 year old California Highway Patrolman Jesus Magdaleno Jr. gave chase, and also jumped into the truck bed.

Police say Montgomery ran several traffic lights and slammed into another vehicle at Flamingo and Valley View, ejecting both men from the truck. Magdaleno was pronounced dead. Cruz is described in critical condition and a police say he is not expected to live.

Montgomery told police he has no recollection of the incident. He, too, was injured, and has been booked in absentia on murder and other charges.

Metro Police posted a YouTube video of the procession carrying Magdaleno’s body to the County Coroner’s office in Sunday afternoon’s pouring rain. You can see the video here.


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