(Las Vegas, NV)  The stand-your-ground law is a type of self-defense law that gives individuals the right to use reasonable force to defend themselves without any requirement to evade or retreat from a dangerous situation. It is common in multiple jurisdictions within the United States.

George Zimmerman was acquitted of second-degree murder and manslaughter of Trayvon Martin, with one juror citing Stand Your Ground as a factor in reaching her legal conclusion that Zimmerman acted in self-defense.

Saturday, hundreds of people rallied outside the Lloyd George Federal Building in opposition of the verdict and it was a learning experience for one Las Vegas man.

“I didn’t even know who Trayvon Martin was. I did a Google search and read about his situation so I decided to come down (to the Lloyd George Federal Building) and show my support,” says Ken.

Florida, where the shooting took place, was the first to come up a Stand Your Ground law. It states the following:

A person is presumed to have reasonable fear of imminent death or great bodily harm when using defensive force if an intruder has broken into his or her home or vehicle and is justified in using force; it states that a person does not have a duty to retreat if he or she believes death or bodily harm is imminent; and it provides immunity from criminal prosecution and civil action for justifiable use of force.

“To know that some man could kill a young man with nothing on him and then get his gun back is scary. He (Zimmerman) should have received the death penalty,” says Vanessa.


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