Las Vegas CBS KXNT- Homeowners in the path of a raging wildfire on Mount Charleston have been on an emotional roller coaster since the weekend, when more than 500 residents were evacuated.

    Dan Huber has a summer cabin in the Rainbow subdivision of Kyle Canyon. He says it’s a scary time, but he was bolstered by the attendance at a town hall meeting on Sunday where officials briefed homeowners.

    Huber told KXNT the mountain dwellers banded together, but he was pleasantly surprised to find people from outside the canyon area who showed up to get informed, and lend moral support.

    One of the evacutated residents is a retired Clark County fire fighter who says despite his knowledge of fire behavior, he’s unable to satisfy his neighbors when they ask what will happen next.

    “Only God and Mother Nature know that,” Stanley Grismanausjas — known to all as Duffy — told KNXT.

    Fire fighters have worked to keep the blaze from sweeping into Kyle Canyon, where there are four developed subdivisions.

    They’ve dug a line between the homes and the fire, and then dropped retardant as a barrier, Fire Information Officer Suzanne Shelp said on Monday, as the fire reached 15,200 acres.

    The hot, dry weather will play a role as the fire fight continues, with low humidity and intermitten wind challenging the work.


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