(LAS VEGAS, KXNT)–The Nevada Supreme Court hears arguments Wednesday in the case of a dog that killed a family member, but has avoided being put down as animal rescue groups have rallied to his cause.

‘Onion’, a Rhodesian Ridgeback/Mastiff mix grabbed and violently shook a one-year old child who died of injuries the next day. The incident occurred at a birthday party for the toddler, as the child entered a dark room to say good night to the dog, and tripped over the animal.

The dog belongs to the child’s grandmother, who later gave authoirties permission to euthanize the dog. Animal rescue activists learned of Onion and convinced the owner to declare she wanted the dog to live.

Although the city of Henderson’s ordinance on animal control was later upheld in court, activists have appealed, and now the state Supreme Court hears arguments in the case.

One of the issues will be whether outside animal groups have standing before the court in cases like this.


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