Las Vegas CBS KXNT -An attorney for salmonella victims who were sickened at the Firefly ealier this year says his clients have millions of dollars in damages. But the funds available from the Firefly’s insurance policies won’t begin to cover it.

Ron Simon of Simon & Luke, a Texas law firm specializing in food poisoning cases, told KXNT the financial heat is about to be turned up.

It’s too soon to calculate the total, but the $3 million Firefly was carrying falls way short of the claims likely to come from 300 people who contracted salmonella at the Firefly. Simon’s firm will represent between 100 and 200 of the potential plaintiffs, he said.

Simon is engaged in discovery, which will include depositions from Firefly owners and employees. His firm is also researching available money sources, including any assets the Firefly may have, he said.

The plaintiffs include a couple whose wedding day was marred when the bride became ill after the ceremony, and her husband came down with salmonella the next day.


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