CBS LAS VEGAS-Governor Brian Sandoval signed a new law that would Nurse practitioners will be able to prescribe medication without receiving permission from a physician. Nevada joins Washington D.C and 16 other states in allowing patients direct access to nurse practitioner services. Dr. Joe Hardy, State Senator (District 12) and Certified Family Physician, talks about this bill and how it will affect the healthcare system in Nevada. Will increased use of nurse practitioners result in the same, better or worse medical outcomes for you and your family?

Clark County government is taking a hands-off approach on protests, demonstrations, and political expression. The county stopped requiring a parade permit for First Amendment activities. They also won’t deploy certain resources such as barricades and warning signs. Glenn Cook, Las Vegas Review-Journal Columnist, talks about Clark County’s hands-off approach on protest, demonstrations, and political expression.

A bipartisan majority in the Senate on Monday evening adopted a robust and pricey border security amendment, paving the way for a full vote later this week on comprehensive immigration reform legislation. Voted through 67 to 27, the amendment was introduced last week with hopes that it would draw support from Republicans who’ve stipulated they won’t support immigration reform that doesn’t prioritize increased border control. The proposal would double the number of Border Patrol agents from 20,000 to 40,000, devote billions of dollars to enhanced surveillance equipment and up the amount of border fencing required by the bill from 350 to 700 miles.


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