(Las Vegas, NV)  With the approval of Senate Bill 1, the More Cops Bill, by the Nevada Legislature, and the signing of the Bill into law by Governor Sandoval, Sheriff Doug Gillespie will be restarting the process of hiring new police officers.

The last police academy graduated in January of 2012 and since that time the LVMPD has improved and enhanced the recruitment, selection and training of officers.

“When we kick off the hiring process and do the testing in July, we always have thousands of people lined up. Out of about 1,000 people who take the test that gets boiled down to about 50 people who go into our academy,” says  Metro. Dep. Chief Gary Scofield.

In July 2013 the LVMPD will start the process of recruitment and selection of Police Recruits for the full time and Reserve Officer programs by conducting the initial written test that is the start of the intensive selection process.

And even though there will additional dollars the number of officers is still down.

“It will take us almost a year to get 50 additional officers on the streets. That is not going to replace the number of retirements. We normally retire or lose 100 people a year. We are well behind the curve but we are trying to get the ball rolling,” says Scofield.

Information on this process can be found at www.protectthecity.com.


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