(Washington, DC) — A Republican lawmaker says if Majority Leader Harry Reid tries to change the Senate’s filibuster rule, the stalled nuclear waste dump in Nevada would be revived.

Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander says, “a vote to end the filibuster is a vote to complete Yucca Mountain.”

Alexander says if Democrats repeal the 60-vote threshold, a “bipartisan majority” would vote to fund and operate the repository northwest of Las Vegas.

Nevada Senator Dean Heller acknowledges the GOP’s threat is real, “I will do everything in my power as a United States Senator to ensure the safety and well-being of Nevadans. For years, members of the entire Nevada delegation have put aside our political jerseys and worked together to ensure that the Yucca Mountain waste site would never open. It is important that Nevadans know that the inside-the-beltway debate about Senate rules could have very serious ramifications for Nevada and the opening of Yucca Mountain.”


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