Las Vegas CBS KXNT – When there’s no school, there are no school lunches. That can mean some lean times during the summer for kids who get a free or low-cost lunch the rest of the year.

Local food bank Three Square is filling the void, with free lunches for kids younger than 18 at a list of venues including libraries and YMCA facilities.

About 55 percent of Clark County students might otherswise go without lunch during the summer, Three Square president Brian Burton told KXNT. The summer-long program will crank out 130,000 meals, up from 93,000 last year.

Burton says he’s able to deliver the meals at three for a dollar. Or, put another way every donated dollar provides three meals.

“It does sound incredible,” he said, “but it only happens through the efficiencies we have, through all the donated food, and through everybody working together.”

One reason it’s possible is 12-thousand volunteers, some of whom are chefs-in-training at the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas.

It’s the tenth year the food bank has worked with the Culinary Adademy in an “everyone wins” fashion, Culinary Academy president Chris Fava said. The kids get great meals, the chefs-in-training get experience, and utlimately, Las Vegas resort properties get well-trained chefs.

Three Square is also benefitting from a new trend in corporate giving. More companies are encouraging employees to do volunteer work when the are sent to Las Vegas for a conference.


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