(Las Vegas, NV)  Clark County’s Desert Breeze and Hollywood pools are trying to land in the Guinness Book  of World Records for the largest simultaneous swimming lesson ever conducted.

Communities from Los Angeles to Lebanon are offering swimming lessons as a way to save lives and prevent drownings. At Desert Breeze about 20 kids aged 3-10 took part in the event.

“Swimming lessons are available for people of all ages and are especially important for children,” said  Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani, whose District E includes Hollywood.  “We are excited to participate in this international event to boost public awareness about the vital link between swimming lessons and drowning prevention.”

Summer swim lesson registration is now under way at all 14 ClarkCounty pools and water parks. The classes generally run in two-week sessions throughout the summer. Space fills up quickly. Each facility offers different programs and classes. Fees and other details are posted online on each facility’s Web page. ClarkCounty is a partner in the Southern Nevada Drowning Prevention Coalition’s annual ABC&D’s of Drowning Prevention Campaign. Guidelines to prevent drownings include:

  • A = Adult supervision refers to designating an adult who can swim to actively supervise children around water. Hire a lifeguard for pool parties and social gatherings around water.
  • B = Barriers refers to the installation of layers of protection between your home and your pool to ensure safety, including perimeter fences at least 60 inches high, securing and alarming dog doors so children can’t crawl through them, and spa safety covers.
  • C = Classes, including swim lessons and CPR, are a must for family members.
  • D = Devices such as life jackets, personal flotation devices and rescue tools create a safe pool environment.

More on the event can be viewed here


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