Las Vegas CBS KXNT – Summer heat can kill your pets. Otherwise loving owners inflict harm chiefly by leaving animals outside all day with no water and no shade, or by leaving them in a hot car.

Clark County officials are issuing a crackdown warning. Repeated or willful abuse or neglect will be prosecuted.

Sometimes, it’s just an oversight, District Attorney Steve Wolfson told KXNT.

“But in many cases it is outright neglect or abuse,” he said. “When these cases are submitted to our offices, we will prosecute them.”

Wolfson also encourages reporting suspected abuse or neglect by calling 311.

Dogs are the most frequent victims of heat stroke because they like to go along for the ride in cars. It only takes a few minutes in a hot car for the damage to begin, Animal Control Supervisor Dawn Stockton said.

Dogs should not be in the car at all during the summer months. If they are left outside during the day, they must have a place to get out of the sun, and multiple large containers of water, Stockton said.


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