(Las Vegas, NV) The city of Las Vegas is working on a plan to designate certain areas in downtown Las Vegas for catering / food trucks.

Currently, the city plans on designating spots in three areas – the Regional Justice Center, 200 Lewis Ave.; the Las Vegas City Hall, 495 S. Main St.; and the Bonneville Transit Center, 101 E. Bonneville Ave. Right to use these spaces will be awarded through a lottery open only to licensed mobile food vendors. The lottery is scheduled for later this summer.

“This is the first program of its kind in the country and we will work out any of the kinks and put the program in place once we figure out how it will work the best,” says  city of Las Vegas Parking Services Manager Brandy Stanley.

Through www.YourVoiceVegas.com, the city is seeking input from the public on where else they would like to see permanent spots for these popular vendors. Last year, the City Council voted to create a buffer zone of 150’ between food / catering trucks and a restaurant so there are some limitations on where these spaces may be designated.

“We are looking for input from the constituents who are actually going to patronize the food trucks as to where they would like to see additional locations.  We have the three designated locations already (see above) and if there any additional spaces that we could make work for the neighborhoods, constituents and the food trucks we will be happy to add them in,” says Stanley.

Launched in December 2012, YourVoiceVegas.com is an online website forum that allows residents to interact with city leaders 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Colin Fukunaga, co-owner of Fukuburger is hopeful the food truck industry will expand even further.

“I think it would really nice if we could put together a food truck park. I think it would do really well in this town, says Fukunaga.

As an incentive, those who participate will accrue points based on their level of participation and be eligible for a number of rewards. Some of the rewards include free tickets to the Mob Museum and Cultural Affairs concerts as well as passes for the city’s fitness and swimming centers.

Fukunaga also spoke about the benefit of the food trucks if they were able to be in the downtown area.

“Even Metro says they want us in downtown. They see us as good and we are helping feed the public. People are not fighting, they are not driving drunk. We are helping sober them up. There are too many people for that little area and not enough restaurants.” says Fukunaga

Fukuburger travels all across Las Vegas and their schedule can be viewed here


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