Las Vegas CBS KXNT —  Henderson is launching plain-clothes patrol over the next two weeks at some of the city’s busiest intersections.

The operation starts Friday, with plain-clothes traffic officers making radio contact with nearby uniformed patrol, who will pull over and cite the drivers. They’ll be looking for any dangerous driver behavior, Officer Todd Rasmussen told KXNT.

Expect a ticket for speeding, aggressive lane changes, red light running, and the big one — texting or phone talking while driving. Rasmussen suggests putting the phone in the trunk of the car, to avoid the temptation to use it while driving.

Some of the intersections under scrutiny will include:

* Horizon Ridge Parkway and Eastern Avenue
* Eastern Avenue and St. Rose Parkway
* Sunset Road and Marks Street
* Stephanie Street and Warm Springs Road
* Stephanie Street and Sunset Road
* Lake Mead Parkway and Boulder Highway
* Green Valley Parkway and Sunset Road
* Stephanie Street and American Pacific Drive
* Eastern Avenue and Serene Avenue
* Seven Hills Drive and St. Rose Parkway


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