(Las Vegas, NV)    A bill mandating universal background checks on all gun sales in Nevada is on its way to the governor’s desk having cleared the Legislature.

The Assembly voted 23-19 to give SB221 the final stamp of legislative approval. The vote came hours after it narrowly cleared the Assembly Judiciary Committee.

UNLV Professor Dave Damore told KXNT the bill is the last of the top priorities for the Republicans.

“They lost on same-sex marriage, they are losing on marijuana. Those are sort of the go to issues. Gays, guns and God, and now it’s really just guns. It’s all they have left,” says Damore.

Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval has said he would veto the bill.

Sections in the bill aside from the background checks include faster reporting of court-findings of mental illness and requiring a doctor to report a patient who makes a specific threat toward themselves or someone else.

“Maybe over time people will be less concerned about this. Unless there is another tragedy that says if we would have done this (background checks) two years ago, this wouldn’t have occurred,” says Damore.

Democratic Sen. Justin Jones of Las Vegas says those provisions were added to SB38 late Sunday night in case SB221 failed to clear the Legislature or was vetoed. Jones is the bill’s sponsor.


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