(LAS VEGAS, KXNT)–A Los Angeles-area attorney has been arrested on charges he and fellow party-goers trashed a hotel suite at the Encore earlier this year, causing nearly $100,000 in damages.

Police say 45 year old Ronald Pearman of Encino, California  was drunk and was abusive to police and hotel personnel when  confronted with an array of destruction in the massive luxury suite  room at the South Las Vegas Boulevard resort. There was shattered glass, food-stained, ripped-up carpeting, destroyed bedding and broken furniture. The incident occurred March 30th.

Police say Pearman was the registered guest and there were at least 5 other intoxicated guests in the suite with him at the time.

The police report quotes Pearman as claiming he was an attorney and that he would–quote–“depose Steve Wynn and turn this  place into napalm.”


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