(LAS VEGAS, KXNT)–A Republican-affiliated group’s public records request of the Nevada Secretary of State’s office has turned into a lawsuit. Or has it?

This week a group called the Republican State Leadership Foundation said it filed suit because Ross Miller’s office had failed to comply with records requests made in March demanding a variety of records including schedules, travel expenses, and gifts.

In response, Miller’s office said this week the group was engaging in a ‘political smear’ intended to derail a bill in the legislature supported by Miller that would toughen disclosure rules pertaining to elected officials. Miller’s office issued a news release late Wednesday asserting that it has not been notified of any such lawsuit stemming from the original records request, casting doubt on whether any suit has been filed.

Foundation spokesman Matt Walter told KXNT Thursday the Secretary’s response is ‘pure nonsense’, saying the suit was, in fact, filed on Monday. Walter forwarded to KXNT an original copy of the suit, assembled by a law office in Henderson, and added that the case has been assigned a docket number and Miller’s office unquestionably knows of it.

“This all at the same time that Secretary of State Miller is pushing for an alleged transparency bill, and here  he is breaking Nevada law about transparency and information to which the public is entitled.”, said Walter.Walter says Nevada law states that records are to be provided within five days, or the agency must respond within five days stating when the records will be provided. He says in this case, neither of those things have happened.




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