Las Vegas CBS KXNT – No bail was set today for two men accused of ambushing a teenaged boy, stealing his iPad, and struggling with him as he tried to retrieve it until he was pulled beneath their moving vehicle and killed. Attorneys for defendants Michael Solid and Jacob Dismont expect to file motions requesting bail at a later date.

Prosecutor Robert Daskas argued before Judge Diana Sullivan that under Nevada law, the two are not entitled to bail, after committing what he called a “textbook case of first-degree felony murder.”

“They agreed to commit a robbery, they committed a robbery, and during the course of the robbery someone was killed,” Daskas told the court.

Daskas recounted evidence from a convenience store video that he says shows Dismont and Solid planning to rob 15-year-old Marcos Arenas, who was a customer in the store. They followed Arenas as he left the store, Daskas said. Solid trailed in an SUV while Dismont followed the teen on foot as he headed down Charleston Blvd.

“What Marcos didn’t realize is that these two defendants were like what I would describe as lions on the Serengeti, waiting to ambush the smallest member of a pack,” Daskas said. “They had an orchestrated, pre-conceived plan to rob this 15-year-old.”

It was Dismont who grabbed the iPad from the teen, and then tried to jump into the SUV, Daskas said. Arenas tried to take the iPad back from Dismont, and was run over by the right rear tire of the vehicle as he fought to get the tablet out of Dismont’s hands. He died later from his injuries.

Public Defender David Schieck said he will file a motion requesting bail for Michael Solid. Dismont has local family support, said his attorney, Jeff Banks. Banks requested bail of $100,000.

Judge Sullivan acknowledged there may be mitigating circumstances she isn’t aware of, and said she will entertain future motions regarding bail and custody from either defendant, but did not grant bail today. Preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 7.


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