Las Vegas CBS KXNT- Las Vegas has the third largest homeless population in the nation, trailing only New York and Los Angeles. With budgets thin, and the number of homeless pushing well above 9 thousand, the city of Las Vegas is recruiting help from the valley’s faith-based organizations, many of whom have established homeless ministries of their own.

The faith community was gathered at the East Las Vegas Community Center on Wednesday, with nonprofits and government agencies that serve the homeless. Maria Castillo-Couch, who works for the city’s neighborhood outreach department, told KXNT many churches and other faith-based organizations are already offering help to people in need.

“There are thousands of people working ministries,” she said, “either with addictions, homelessness, or they could be out there helping families.”

The interfaith conference was a formal effort to consolidate the disparate programs and people who are working with the homeless.

“So instead of them creating their own little ‘let’s make a sandwich’ or whatever that ministry is, they come with us, and they partner on what gaps exist in the community,” Castillo-Couch said.


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