(Las Vegas, NV) — Hundreds of thousands of teens nationwide are expected to participate in the twelfth annual National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, Wednesday, May 1.

The purpose of the National Day is to focus the attention of teens on the importance of avoiding too-early pregnancy and parenthood through our interactive online National Day Quiz.

The message of the National Day Quiz is straightforward: Sex has consequences.

Last year, more than 700,000 people participated in the eleventh annual National Day.

The extraordinary declines in teen pregnancy and childbearing over the past two decades proves that progress can be made on tough issues. In fact, few social problems have improved quite as dramatically over the past 20 years as teen pregnancy.

The latest news on the teen pregnancy front has been incredibly positive. The teen pregnancy rate in the U.S. has declined 42% since its peak in 1990 and is now at a nearly 40-year low, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control’s National Center for Health Statistics.

Each year, teens are asked to tell us what they thought about the National Day Quiz in a post-quiz evaluation survey and many do. Among the findings from our 2012 survey:

■85% said the Quiz made them think about what they might do in such situations;
■61% said some of the situations in the Quiz were things that they or their friends had faced;
■63% said the Quiz made the risks of sex and teen pregnancy seem more real to them;
■58% said they’d talk to their friends about the situations described in the Quiz;
■58% said the Quiz made them think about things they hadn’t thought about before;
■58% said they’d learned something new from the Quiz about the consequences of sex;
■56% said they’d encourage others to take the Quiz;
■33% said they’d talk to their parents or other adults about the situations described in the Quiz.

You and your kids can take the quiz here. http://www.stayteen.org/quiz/

Information on the workshops can be seen here. http://bit.ly/LhLoE7


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