TUCSON, Ariz. (CBS Las Vegas) – Sophomore students in Ms. Mustard’s geometry class at San Miguel High School are beginning to learn something new.

An estimated 20 sophomores are participating in a pilot program this year. In the program, the students use an iPad instead of a textbook. Besides the math class, the students will also use the iPads  in their English, social studies, and science classes.

“At first people were like, ‘Oh how do I use this?’” Jose Estrella, one of the sophomores in the pilot program, told KVOA-TV. “[B]ut I think now it’s more like second nature.”

This program was made possible after the Enterprise Holdings Foundation donated $10,000. Students are already finding it easier to learn using the iPad as opposed to a textbook.

“If you have a term to look up, or if you need to look up a formula, it’s really easy because you can just go to the search bar, look it up, then it goes to that chapter,” Estrella told the station.

Not only did the students have to adjust to a new way of learning, Mustard – who did not give her first name to the station – needed to get used to a new of teaching.

“Definitely when you’re learning to teach from a piece of technology you’ve never used before, there’s always a learning curve there,” Mustard told KVOA.

Mustard is looking to incorporate more technology into her future teaching plans.

It may even be more cost-effective for the school. The station reported that an e-textbook can cost as low as $15, while more traditional textbooks can cost nearly $100.

The school would like to focus this method of learning toward the older students who are about to enter college. Beginning next year, seniors will begin to use iPads in class.

San Miguel is planning on eventually providing all of its students with iPads one day.


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