(Las Vegas, NV) —  The strike by Yellow Checker Star Transportation’s employee drivers isn’t getting closer to ending after a failed attempt at mediation.

“In fact, the two sides may be further apart than ever. “They seem to think that we (Local 4873) that we are supposed to sign the contract and accept it. And be damned the drivers. That’s not how it’s going to be. The drivers have to accept it. That’s the bottom line,” Says Sam Moffitt, shop steward for Local 4873.

The last contract that was ratified between YCS and the union was back in 2008. In that contract drivers who worked 12-hour shifts were only required to work four days a week. But the latest offer hurts the less-experienced drivers.

“The new proposal that the company implemented states that all drivers with less than six years’ experience are required to work five days a week, 12 hours a day,” says Moffitt.

Other sticking points include a larger percentage of the meter, a larger company 401k contribution and a slice of the advertising revenue.

Moffitt said that a grievance was filed for $387,000 on behalf of the drivers who were underpaid by the company over a two year period. The underpayment was due to a minimum wage discrepancy and 1,670 of the 1,700 drivers received a part of the $387,000.


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