Tiffanie Gaspar spoke with KXNT’s Brian Shapiro, while just  a few blocks from the Boston Marathon explosion.  She said she was on Commonwealth Avenue with her family a block behind in the family waiting area.  They heard two loud explosions and no one knew what it was.  At first they thought it was fireworks from the Red Sox game, because it’s Patriots Day, until they saw cops running towards the sound and hearing people yell it’s an explosion.  The street was directly behind the building and the family quickly jumped on a train to the hotel where they are staying.  

This was her first Boston Marathon, she said.  Tiffanie said the people are so nice and it was supposed to be a fun day, but it turned out to be a very sad and devastating day.  Security shutdown and closed off the location.  Tiffanie said she finished the race 25 minutes before and was thankful to finish early but saddened about the whole incident.  If she ran any slower, her family could have been affected like the people that were waiting.

Tiffanie and her husband have lived in Las Vegas since 2005 and are both physical therapists in Vegas.  She has two children and feels very saddened for the families that are affected.

If you know anyone in Boston and trying to get in touch with them, please call 617-635-4500.


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